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Terms of service

terms of service

1. About reporting the use of music materials

No reporting is required for the use of musical materials.

(I don't need it, but I'd be very happy to have it...!)

2. About copyright notice

Copyright is not waived.

When using music materials from this site,the author's name and address

Please specify. You can choose where to specify the author's name and address.

******** Examples of copyright notices ********

Music: Fuji



3.Regarding the use of music materials

3-1.Personal and commercial use

Both are OK, butThe following content is prohibited.

・Sexual content

・Anti-social content

​3-2. Processing when used in content

Use only part of the music material, loop it, etc.Feel free to modify it to make it easier to use.

For instrumental music materials, include songs and rapsFor music distribution sites such as Youtube and SoundCloud

It's okay to upload.Rather welcome! thank you!


4-1.Prohibition of redistribution

It is prohibited to redistribute or sell the music material itself as an original work on CD or data.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the inquiry form or DM on SNS (Twitter, Instagram).

It is assumed that you have agreed to the terms of use when you download music materials from this site.


  • The contents of this site (music materials, pages, etc.) may be changed or deleted without prior notice.

  • These Terms of Use may be revised without notice.

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